About Me

It's me and my family

It's Louisa here. I'm an artist and this is my pet portrait business. I draw pets from photographs, by hand and on computer. This means that the illustration is created digitally and can be printed onto a wide range of products from everyday items to the more unusual; anything is possible so if you have an idea please share and I can try to make it a reality. People have said I am particularly skilled in capturing the spirit of pets through my drawings....don't ask me how...but I can recognise quirks and personality through a photograph.

Other artwork I do includes freehand drawings, most recently The Carrot People. I'm a plastic sculptor and a few years back created a range of celebrity heads for a published greeting card collection called "Poptastic". Another interest of mine is photography, with my favourite subject matter being flowers. I've also designed tablecloths! ...It's a mixed bag but at the moment I'm focused on my pet portrait business.

This is a photo of me with my commonlaw spouse Chris and our little son Tommy; they both support me as an artist, Chris has never ending patience and Tommy is a ball of happy energy. We used to have Sir Catkin too but sadly we lost him recently and he will always be in our memories. Reooowww.