"Oh gorgeous, I love it! Thank you so much. Let me know how I can advertise it on FB" Karen Trebell 

"That is lovely thank you! I will show everyone and tell them how good you are!" Niki Orme 

"Thank you Louisa! I love it" Samantha Light

"Wow, thank you so much. It's a wonderful likeness and beautiful drawing. I had no idea what your style was like when I responded to your tweet and am very impressed. You've captured Roxy's look perfectly" Jennifer Foster

"Louisa has created beautiful images of our Beardies, if you have a dog, don't hesitate" Dee Hope

"Awww that's brilliant! I think I prefer him as an illustration as opposed to his regular annoying self!" Lisa Smith

"For amazing pet portraits go to .....you won't be disappointed. Simply the best pet portraits around" @SusanTFCCo

"Louisa Houchen does great work and she designs them for free, then you pay for the product you want. I won an amazing mug!" Ellen Stafford (designing for free offer ended in November '16)

"..Chuffed to bits!" Carol Mantle (@DannySnuggles on Twitter)

"your portraits of Philip have arrived. Utterly gorgeous. The likeness you have drawn is amazing. He looks so cute and cuddly" Debbie, @WalkingformyDad

"Thanks for this. We really love the picture" Gordon Thornton

"That's amazing, it's so life like; thank you. Wow can't wait to show my girls and hubby you are so talented thank you, you just made my day" Vanessa, @nessiepru

"Thank you so much for the artwork, it's beautiful, I'm so chuffed with it" Vinnie, @vinnieandco

"I love it!!!!! That's such a good match, it's just perfect. I'm so happy with that thank you so much" Kate Hammond

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