"Oh gorgeous, I love it! Thank you so much. Let me know how I can advertise it on FB" Karen Trebell 

"That is lovely thank you! I will show everyone and tell them how good you are!" Niki Orme 

"Thank you Louisa! I love it" Samantha Light

"Wow, thank you so much. It's a wonderful likeness and beautiful drawing. I had no idea what your style was like when I responded to your tweet and am very impressed. You've captured Roxy's look perfectly" Jennifer Foster

"Louisa has created beautiful images of our Beardies, if you have a dog, don't hesitate" Dee Hope

"Awww that's brilliant! I think I prefer him as an illustration as opposed to his regular annoying self!" Lisa Smith

"For amazing pet portraits go to .....you won't be disappointed. Simply the best pet portraits around" @SusanTFCCo

"Louisa Houchen does great work and she designs them for free, then you pay for the product you want. I won an amazing mug!" Ellen Stafford (designing for free offer ended in November '16)

"..Chuffed to bits!" Carol Mantle (@DannySnuggles on Twitter)

"your portraits of Philip have arrived. Utterly gorgeous. The likeness you have drawn is amazing. He looks so cute and cuddly" Debbie, @WalkingformyDad

"Thanks for this. We really love the picture" Gordon Thornton

"That's amazing, it's so life like; thank you. Wow can't wait to show my girls and hubby you are so talented thank you, you just made my day" Vanessa, @nessiepru

"Thank you so much for the artwork, it's beautiful, I'm so chuffed with it" Vinnie, @vinnieandco

"I love it!!!!! That's such a good match, it's just perfect. I'm so happy with that thank you so much" Kate Hammond

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  1. Lisa Leake avatar
    Lisa Leake May 30, 2017

    I’ve commissioned quite a few things from Louisa - everything from mugs to christmas crackers and they’ve all been gorgeous!  I’ve given many as gifts as they truly are unique, and everyone absolutely loves them.  I’ve even sneaked the odd item for myself ;)  Louisa is not only super talented, but offers a friendly and efficient service.  Five stars!!

  2. Louisa Houchen avatar
    Louisa Houchen May 31, 2017

    Thank you Lisa :)